We regret to say that very, very unfortunately, this years Dronecamp has been postponed until further notice.

This is due to us – the organisers – being unable to dedicate the required time to what was leading up to be an amazing and successful event due to unavoidable changes in personal circumstances. During the past eight weeks, we have sought to find someone or a group who would take the reins and deliver the festival so that it could continue as planned, but have been unable to reach a satisfactory outcome.   There are still current interested parties who we are still in talks with, however, this late in the day we felt we had no choice but to cancel the planned date.  The event plan is still alive for a future date, which is now likely to be in 2018.

All tickets purchased have been refunded in full.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and hope we can deliver a truly amazing festival for you in 2018.

All the best, happy flying.

The DroneCamp Team.

Any questions, please email info@dronecamp.uk.